Recent Modifications

09.Apr.2007 Two new pages with photos of the green beings that populate our planet... and of the Earth as seen from above!

21.Jan.2007 New page which lists our encounters with all things big and small

10.Oct.2006 New page which lists our travels around the world

08.Oct.2006 New Main Page, describing the origins of the homepage name

07.Oct.2006 New page about my arrival and first week in Lampoldshausen

05.Oct.2006 New links & modified look of the links page, Links

04.Oct.2006 Page contents are now password protected

03.Oct.2006 New Lahn page added, Lahn, of the latest cycling tour!

19.Sep.2006 Addition of the new cover picture, Curious

14.Sep.2006 Addition of the new section, Ornithology, about birds!

29.Aug.2006, launch of new homepage