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    Lahn Valley

    I was sitting in my office thinking about ignition and combustion when suddenly a thought struck me... I wanted to go on another crazy cycle tour, my body wanted it. Nothing more simple. Nothing more clear. That evening I spoke to Armin and told him. He laughed and still laughing he said ok. So that is how we went on our 3rd (and perhaps last for 2006) crazy multiple-day cycling adventure. On the evening of Thursday 28th of September, the head of the Space Propulsion Institute of the German Aerospace Center was going to celebrate his nearing retirement with his emploees and his PhD Students. Armin drove 756 km to take part in the celebrations and to see my new working enviroment. I proudly showed him around the testbench that I will soon be mastering (but that is another story)... On Friday the two of us drove to Cologne and packed and checked the train schedule.

    06:45, Saturday the 30th of September, the radio alarm wakes us up.
    07:55, After a little over an hour of complaing and slow going showering and dressing up we finally managed to make our way to the train station
    10:45, we arrived in Luetzel
    11:05, after 15 minutes of "hin und her" we finally found our way, and off we went...


    The first of our stops was at the source of the river Sieg...


    Just before jumping on our bicycles again we had a quick look to see how many kilometers we still had ahead of us.