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    Lampoldshausen and Surroundings

    After 4 years of Cologne during numerical work on the transient behaviour of liquid rocket engines and their components, I thought it was about time to test my engineering skills...and have some fun working on a test-bench... And thus, after having celebrated with my former colleques the end of my contract,


    I moved to the DLR Site in Lampoldshausen, the place to be for experimental work on liquid rocket engines From the 11th to the 15th of September I packed and organised my documents, and finally on Saturday the 16th Armin and I made our way down to Lampoldshausen, ca. 340 km from here.


    We arrived and ate and then went for a walk in the woods in the dark.


    On Sunday morning we wondered in the woods around the site hoping to see some animals.
    We failed in that intent but found a moss-covered fountain instead!


    We then drove to Weinsberg, had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and had a look around.


    After having discovering the castel ruins,



    we continued on to Heilbronn, where amongst others, we discovered an amazing church, Kilianskirche, with very detailed tower..






    Sunday afternoon Armin drove back to Cologne and left me to come to grips with my surroundings, my new life, my new everything.

    On Monday, my first at work i found myself alone, with my bosses ill at home or on holiday, and with the testbench alone to concentrate on. I arranged my books in the empty bookshelves and made myself at home in my new office.


    In the evenings after having returned to my room,


    I busied myself with the homepage and with my new occupation: bread making!



    All in all, a very intense first week. Unfortunately marked with a lack of proper food, which I happily and quickly made up for as soon as I returned to Cologne on Friday afternoon...