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      Mosel Valley

    The first day of our cycling tour was long and tiring. However, not because we cycled for kilometers and kilometers. The day started with a moment of panic as we, for an hour or so, thought that we might not even reach our point of departure! After having clarified our travel plan, we jumped on the train to Trier, and after some paining due to an over-crowded bicycle compartement we finally arrived and set out to.... get something to eat ! Now this might sound as if we lost our goal on the way to Trier but in fact hardly did we know that we should not have just eaten... but stuffed ourselves full! After having devoured our respective sandwiches under and anoucing rain, we finally climbed onto our bicycles and set out to do what we had decided we would do.

Fourty kilometres down the Mosel we arrived in the small village Neumagen-Dhron, Germany's oldest vineyard. There we stayed over night.


    Some wonderful looking geese greeted us as we rode past them...


    The second day, having cycled for 100 kilometres we finally arrived at Cochem. We were exhausted, with sore bumps and starving. But then, unawaited, this wonderful sight opened before our very eyes. The castle of the city of Cochem