A Cat with a Name!


    January 20, 2007...Saturday morning, Armin and I were having breakfast and "navigating" on the web. Ok, it was 12 noon, but that is not the point. The point is that an orange cat was sitting in our garden looking undecided as to what to do next. I tapped on the big window doors and he turned to look. I opened the door and he came dashing over miawing as if he has not eaten in ages. I could have believed it but his size just gave it away....he had people at home waiting for him and that cared and fed him well. I let him in and he immediately started examining the contents of our flat with a miaw every now and then.


    We gave him some milk and then put him outside again. That he just did not like. He sat outside the door and looking inside miawed insistently.....what was I to do? I let him in again. He came in happily and decided it was time for a nap.



    Armin and I went back to our computers and starting working, when all of a sudden "miaw, miaw, miaw". With his belly in the air he was looking up at us..."miaw, miaw, miaw"....hmmm...didn't look like he was hungry, or wanted to leave. So I got up and went over to pet him..."prrr...prrr...prrr"...


    ...and off he went again in the land of cat dreams.